I had come up here (Nov.13, 2008) hoping to do a dive off Bonito Crescent, but the waves were once again too big to get in the water with a camera. Most of the places in the area were similarly blown out, but Dolphin Beach and Blueback Park were relatively protected. I'd been to Dolphin a couple of times recently so I went for Blueback/Tyee/Seducers/etc. It was afternoon and the sun had already set behind the trees so it was a bit gloomy underwater. In the shallows visibility was around 15-20 feet. Down deeper it was maybe 20-30 and dark. I visited the wall, saw a tiger rockfish and several juvenile yelloweye. My computer made me hang around in the shallows for a bit so I looked around the rock formations 20-40 feet deep. The weathering on these rocks is pretty bizarre. They're like a stack of flat slabs full of deep cracks and holes. There was a bit of swell near the beach so I ended up surfing in with the perch through the crashing bubbles.
copper rockfish
quillback rockfish under zoanthids
zoanthids under boulder
tiger rockfish on wall
quillback and tiger rockfish
whelks? tritons? laying eggs
tiger and quillback rockfish
sponge near beach
sponge near beach
shallow wall
under overhang
rocks in shallows
in shallows
seaweed in shallows
seastar in shallows
perch and seaweed
near beach
after a wave
surf in shallows
on beach