At the intersection of Cormorant Crescent and Dolphin Drive in the Nanoose area, the zoning map shows a public right-of-way leading to the water. The sidescan image and the marine chart show a rocky area about 200 meters from the beach that goes down to possibly over 100' deep. I've never heard of anyone diving here so I didn't know if the access was even accessible (many of the Land Title Act's rights-of-way are overgrown or end in cliffs). I came up on June 11, 2022 to have a look.
        I parked on Cormorant Crescent and walked down a muddy trail that ran alongside a stream. So far, this seemed to be quite reasonable for divers. when I neared the end of the trail, it became a steep slope of loose dirt and leaves. The end was a small drop to the beach. I could just climb down while holding onto tree roots, but while wearing dive gear it was tricky.
        Visibility in the immediate shallows was maybe 3', but it steadily cleared as I went deeper. I followed my compass out over the sandy bottom towards the rocky area.
        I reached a small rocky reef. This wasn't the main reef I was looking for, but a smaller one off to the side. If I remember right, this one went down to 60-70' deep. There wasn't much marine life on it, just a few red urchins and feather stars and a couple of small copper rockfish.
        I left the small reef and headed across the gap towards the large rocky area.
        I reached the large reef. It dropped down in a steep wall from maybe 45' deep at the top to 90' deep at the bottom. Visibility down here was probably 50', but it was a bit dark from the rainy day and the surface plankton layer. There wasn't much life here either compared to many other dive spots in the area. There were feather stars and a few crimson anemones. I didn't see any boot or cloud sponges. There were several young (only a few years old) copper and quillback rockfish and small lingcod. This spot is within the area's Rockfish Conservation Area so certain people aren't allowed to use certain fishing methods if they feel like it on the honour system.
        As I swam along the wall, it turned into a flatter, but still rocky area. My maximum depth here was still 90' deep.
        I swam back the way I came along the wall.
        On my way back to shore, I had a quick look at the rocky area that drops down near the shore. It ended around 35' deep.
        I don't think the amount of marine life here (compared to many other local sites) is worth the semi-dangerous climb down to the water. I'm now not surprised that I've never heard of anyone diving here. I don't think I'll be back.
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