Today (Dec. 4, 2017) I wanted to swim out along the right-hand (East) side of the reef that runs out towards Mistaken Island. I haven't dove that side of the reef since I first dove here over 12 years ago. I wasn't impressed with that area then and I wanted to have another look to give it another chance.
        Visibility wasn't as good as I usually expect here. It was only about 20' today, which I guess still isn't that bad. I swam out as planned along the East side of the rocky reef. The rocky structure wasn't as steep on this side as on the West side.
        I made it out to a depth of 45-50' deep. There still wasn't as much marine life here as I see on the Western side of the reef. There might have been more to see if I continued to swim out deeper towards the end of the reef, but the current was stronger than I've ever felt here and I was breathing harder than I liked. I swam over the top of the wide, flat reef towards the West side (where I usually dive).
        I reached the large, zoanthid-covered boulder that is one of my favorite parts of this dive site.
        My other favorite area at this dive site is the end of the reef about 60-70' deep, where there are lots of rockfish around the boulders.
        I swam back to shore along the West side of the reef. This side of the reef drops in a small wall and this is the side of the reef that I usually dive.
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