I did around 10 dives in the Halifax area in November/December, 2006. Since most boat charters don't run this time of year (and the one I found that did wouldn't let me on the boat because I'm only open water certified), all of them were shore dives. There seems to be an almost limitless number of places to get in the water within a reasonable drive from the city. Many places are exposed and are only accessible during calm weather. The locals don't like the idea of diving in Halifax Harbour itself because of the raw sewage pumped into it. The current construction of a new treatment plant may open up many convenient and historical dive sites. Anyway, I bumped into a shop on Quinpool Road that's a combination dive/hobby shop. You can get your tanks filled while browsing 1/32 scale dioramas and Tamiya kits (if you know what those are, you'll be in heaven). I met local diver Dave here and he took me around to a bunch of local sites. Water temperature was around 42-52 degrees Fahrenheit (6-11 Celsius) and visibility averaged 20-30 feet. The links below have the descriptions and photos from the specific dive sites. By the way, it's illegal for divers to take lobsters. I took photos of divers holding lobsters underwater, but they were released right after. Hopefully this disclaimer will keep everything I own from being confiscated.