I felt like putting up with a longer than average drive and worse than average visibility so I came back to Mill Bay. The tide was high and covering most of the beach so I swam out along the shore towards the buoy. In the shallows the water looked pretty clear. I could see over 10 feet to the bottom. Once I descended to the wreck, I could see that the visibility here was the usual 10-15 feet. The wreck was even more collapsed than last time. The hull was so full of holes, I could see right through to the other side. The main cabin was half-collapsed. Someone had cut off the propeller. The sides of the superstructure had more holes than solid wood. I even avoided swimming under the overhanging hull since it seemed like it would collapse when my bubbles hit it. The clusters of feather duster worms on the fallen mast were gone. I saw their empty tubes lying on the sand. I could see much more of the interior of the wreck through all the holes. I saw a toilet in the head, a bunch of jumbled-up   pipes and machinery in the engine room and a wood stove surrounded by walls of brick. I didn't see any fish this time except for a glimpse of what looked like a juvenile wolfeel darting off under the stern. I swam back to my entry point underwater, since the anemones, sea stars and crabs were more interesting than staring at the sky.
light on collapsed side of cabin
partially collapsed cabin
where propeller used to be
where propeller used to be
where propeller used to be
pipes and toilet in background
side of cabin
broken window in wheelhouse
looking through door of wheelhouse
capstain on bow
huge whisky bottle
propane tank hanging off side of hull
light and cables on deck
nudibranchs on side of hull
brick walls around stove
kelp crab and anemones on bollard
looking through hole in bow to other side
mast in front of wheelhouse
jumble of stuff on deck outside wheelhouse door
another view of wheelhouse
stuff on stern
bow panorama
mast and wheelhouse
semi-collapsed cabin
anemone in shallows
plumose anemone
seastar and anemone
sunflower star
seastar and anemone
another anemone
bottom in shallows
bottom in shallows