Lenfesty Point is the Southern Point of Misery Bay and this is near the Northern Point. It's the point just South of the "Under the Powerlines" Christmas Point site in Saanich Inlet. I tried coming here in late June, 2009, but the visibility was only 6 feet in the shallows and about 10 feet deeper down. I did notice a steep wall and quite a few boot sponges so I planned on trying again when the visibility was better. I came back on July 26, 2009. Visibility in the shallows was a nice and clear 30 feet or so. There were several large lion's mane jellyfish drifting by in a mild current. Judging by the visibility in the shallows, I was expecting some serious visibility deeper down, but as I went below 20 feet deep, the floating bits started to appear and the visibility dropped to about 15 feet. I swam North around the point down the wall. I followed a ledge at 120-130 feet deep. There were a few rockfish (black, copper, quillback, a tiger and a juvenile yelloweye). I saw a tiny glob of cloud sponge on the rubble ledge and a red brotula peeking out from under a pile of rocks. There was a bit of an overhang covered with zoanthids. A decorated warbonnet was swimming out in the open under the ledge. On the wall itself, there were lots of boot sponges. I eventually reached the part of the wall that must have been under the powerlines. The two points are close together and it shouldn't take long to swim between them. Eventually I swam back up to hang around in the clear shallows with the jellyfish and schools of perch. On a clear day this would be a nice, dramatic wall, although so would every other place in the Southern half of the Inlet. I don't think there is anything unique enough here to make me want to come back anytime soon.
at point looking South with Goldstream marina in distance
lion's mane
in shallows
black rockfish on wall
zoanthids, etc under overhang
copper rockfish on wall
swimming anemone on ledge
california cucumber and small cloud sponge
shy tiger rockfish
red brotula under rocks
cropped close-up of red brotula
boot sponges
copper rockfish and boot sponge
juvenile yelloweye rockfish
boot sponge and lampshells
small copper rockfish on wall
sunflower star near top of wall
boot sponges
lions mane jellies
lions mane near surface
lions mane
lions mane
lions mane
lions mane
juvenile perch and seaweed
2 lions mane jellies
small lingcod
lions mane
lions mane
lions mane
lions mane
another lions mane
lions mane
2 lion's manes
more perch
juvenile perch, seaweed and lion's manes in background
kelp crab near surface
school of perch
at point looking South
clear water in shallows
Looking South on murky day
on murky day with powerlines around corner
looking North on clear day