Second Beach is the beach in Skidegate in front of the Haida Heritage Center/Museum. Off the South point, the chart shows a rapidly-sloping bottom to over 100 feet deep. I came here for a dive on April 19, 2012. Visibility in the bay was a stirred-up 2 or 3 feet, but when I was past the point, it improved to about 20 feet. The current at the point was pretty strong. I was diving about 2 hours after low tide and the flooding current was flowing down into the bay and then sweeping straight out from shore. Just past the point, the bottom dropped off in a sandy slope. This was the steepest non-rock slope I've ever seen. It didn't seem like it should be able to hold itself up. There were clam siphons sticking out of the silty sand. Between 50 and 70 feet deep there was a rocky reef that was covered with the same brown cup corals that I saw at Haida Point. There were also white and orange burrowing cucumbers. A sealion swam around me a few times 60 feet deep, but it was too far away in the stirred-up silt for a photo. I was swimming West along the slope and eventually the rocky reef ended. I followed the muddy slope for awhile, but no more reefs started up. I swam back up into the shallows below the point. The steep rocks on shore dropped to about 15 feet deep underwater. So far on this dive I hadn't seen any fish, but up in the rubble I saw a small decorated warbonnet. There were also some strands of Macrocystis kelp at the base of the rocky area.
parking near the museum
kelp in the current
brown cup corals on the rocky reef
cup corals
over the cup coral-covered reef
hermit crab
cup corals on a boulder
hermit crab and cup corals
looking up the reef
crab and cup corals
hermit crab on the silt
orange burrowing cucumbers, california cucumbers and cup corals
dungeness crab near the reef
cup corals on the reef
cup corals and california cucumber
the reef
cup coral-covered reef
yellow sponge, cup corals and hydroids in upper right
next to the reef
cup corals on a tire
cup corals
hermit crab
sunflower star at the top of the slope
cup corals
shrimp under cup corals
clown nudibranch in the shallows
anemone in the sand
decorated warbonnet
decorated warbonnet
decorated warbonnet
macrocystis kelp
macrocystis kelp
macrocystis kelp
2nd beach panorama
parking at the Haida center
the Haida Cultural Center
2nd beach
The West point of 2nd beach