These are from Feb. 20, 2011. It was the calmest I've ever seen it off Becher Bay, but it was a bad day for current, so I had to stay in the bay. Visibility at Smyth Head was a decent 20 feet in the shallows, but as I swam out deeper, there seemed to be lots of sediment drifting around. By the time I made it to the wall, visibility was about 15 feet. The big school of black and yellowtail rockfish is still here. I swam down from the base of the wall (80 feet deep) along the boulder slope. I made it to 100 feet, but the visibility down here was only 6-10 feet. The wall area is still my favorite part of this dive.
boat tied to shoreline
fish-eating anemone
reef with urchins and stalked kelp
zoanthids and urchins on reef
urchins 60 feet deep
urchins and kelp greenling at bottom of picture
plumose anemones and urchins before wall
reefs before wall
urchins at top of wall with rockfish in background
black rockfish
black rockfish next to wall
rockfish next to wall
crimson anemone on wall
black and yellowtail rockfish at base of wall
black and yellowtail rockfish at base of wall
looking up wall
near top of wall
black and yellowtail rockfish
rockfish and lingcod at base of wall
rockfish at base of wall
lingcod and rockfish on wall
urchins on reef
urchins on reefs above wall
plumose anemones and urchins
crimson anemone
anemone and urchins
anemone and urchins
urchins on shallow reef
under boat
under boat