I was looking forward to some excellent diving in Sydney. I had heard all about the wrecks, caverns, sponge gardens and grey nurse sharks. No problem, right? Well I happened to drop in during the rugby world cup (It's a game where players try to run across the field while holding a ball. Players of the opposing team try to stop them.) I was the only person in town that didn't care. Because of the huge flood of visitors,every dive charter in town was booked up for the whole month. I managed to find this shore dive near Manly on short notice. It's in the Cabbage Tree Bay aquatic preserve and is known for it's weedy sea dragons. Of course I didn't see any, but I did see lots of huge blue grouper, port jackson sharks, wobblegong sharks, little octopus and other, smaller fish. Other than that, there was a lot of sand and surprisingly few invertebrates on the rocks (perhaps because of the shallow depth - 10 to 30 feet). It wasn't a dive I would have paid a wad of money for, but it was good to get in the water and away from rugby in the pubs.