This is one of the public right-of-way beach accesses along Hollywood Crescent between Gonzales Bay and Ross Bay. I've been diving years ago off another access a bit to the West ("Gonzales Bay Western Point"). This stretch of coast is pretty shallow according to the marine chart and I wasn't planning on diving around here again, but I thought I might as well have a look just to say I did. I dove here on Feb. 19, 2022. There is room at the end of the road for a few cars to park and there are stairs that lead down to the rocky shore.
        Just offshore there was a shallow reef that was partially exposed at low tide. I swam straight out and over it. It was mostly covered with surfgrass and a few painted anemones. Visibility was only about 10' near shore because of a surge that was stirring up the sediment.
        Once over the shallow reef, I swam down the rocky slope that was mostly covered with stalked kelp. I saw a red juvenile cabezon that seemed to be on its way out. The rocky slope met the sand about 30' deep. There wasn't much obvious life here. I saw a couple of fish-eating anemones and a variety of nudibranchs. There were hardly any fish. I saw 2 kelp greenlings and one small lingcod. Visibility was a bit better out here, maybe 15-20'.
        I turned around and swam back up a bit shallower (15-20' deep). There were more fish-eating anemones at this depth.
        This spot was pretty much what I expected from a shallow Juan de Fuca spot without much current or surge. I don't think I'll be back for awhile.
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