These are a group of small islands and reefs a bit less than 2 kilometers North of the Schooner Cove marina in the Nanoose area. I took my boat over from nearby Amelia Island, where I had been diving earlier in the day (Aug. 5, 2010). The main island in the Yeo group has a bay in the middle that almost cuts the island in half. The lower intertidal zone in the bay is covered with oysters. I anchored shallower up near the beach about 3 feet deep. I swam out on the surface around the Southern point of the bay, where the chart promises a drop to well over 150 feet deep. There was a small slope of broken rocks  to about 40 feet and then a milder slope of sand/smaller rocks. As at Amelia Island, visibility was about 20 feet in the shallows and 50-80 feet below the 40-feet-deep thermocline. The sandy slope had sea pens and crimson anemones scattered around. At about 80 feet deep, a series of rocky reefs and walls showed up. I went down to 125 feet and the walls continued deeper. These walls had much more invertebrate life on them than those at Amelia Island. There were boot sponges and tiny cloud sponges, but there were also clusters of crimson anemones, feather stars and plumose anemones. I don't remember seeing any fish. This steep area continues along the whole length of the island according to the chart, but with my single tank and built-up nitrogen, I only had a quick look. Back up on the shallow broken-rock slope, there were some small copper rockfish, a buffalo sculpin and hundreds of black-eye gobies.
anchored in bay
swimming anemones on deep reef
plumose anemones on small-rock slope
sun star
small cloud sponge and feather star
boot sponge
crimson anemone
california cucumbers
crimson anemones, feather stars and small cloud sponges
plumose anemones on wall
plumose anemones on wall
sunflower star
crimson anemone
feather stars, crimson anemone and small cloud sponge
hermit crab
feather stars
feather stars and plumose anemones
sea pen and tube-dwelling anemones on sandy slope
buffalo sculpin with pet limpet
boulder and start of shallow, broken-rock slope
boulder 40 feet deep
young copper rockfish
plumose anemones and seastars
seastars on shallow boulder
urchins and sunflower star in shallows
buffalo sculpin
shallow, broken-rock slope
shallow broken-rock slope
seaweed in shallows
lettuce kelp
shallows at edge of bay
seastar in shallows
oysters in bay
anchored near beach
anchored in bay
eagle's nest above bay