I spent a bit over a week in Maui at the end of April to the beginning of May. Last time we were here (2019) at the same time of year, the first several days were stormy, cold and rainy. It was difficult to get in the water since the coastlines were stirred-up with big waves. This time, the first few days were nice and calm and the last few days were rainy and the water was stirred-up. I only did one scuba dive since most of the dive sites here are less than 30' deep and you can see pretty much the same thing by snorkeling. There are some deeper sites (like Papawai Point), but it has to be very calm to enter the water and during this trip it wasn't. We did spend most of the days either in the water snorkeling or driving around looking for other snorkeling spots. No luaus for us.
        There were a few other places we went snorkeling, but I didn't bring my camera.
          Slaughterhouse Beach (big breakers at the entry, so I left my camera on the beach) had surprisingly-bare rock, with very little coral. We swam out to the point on the right.
           Ahihi Cove (near Ahihi Bay) had lots of fish in the shallows, but not as much variety and coral structure as Ahihi Bay. Still a very nice snorkel.
           Kamaole Beach Park #3 in Kihei was mostly stirred-up sand and battered, bare rock.
           The Kihei boat launch is a spot we've been to several times before. We swim out to the right. It has lots of turtles and fish near shore and a healthy, multicoloured coral field farther out from shore about 10-20' deep. Technically you're not supposed to swim in the boat launch area (protected by a breakwater), but we've seen other people doing it and nobody seems to care. We just use it as an entry-point and quickly swim out of the launch area.
           Olowalu is one of the more famous snorkeling spots on the island, but whenever we come here, the water looks like stirred-up yellow tea so we didn't bother getting in.
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